Tailored to your needs, whatever type of business you are. If you’re a small or medium sized business, Sudatel can help address your communications requirements. And if you’re major corporation, rely on Sudatel to meet your expectations.

Sudatel Telecom is strongly positioned in the international market when it has strong global relationships with bilateral agreements with more than 50 international carriers. These relations are being managed and supported by an experienced and talented team of professionals.

النواقل و المُشغِّلون

Sudatel Wholesale provides customers with a comprehensive portfolio of voice and data services, including the origination and termination of voice traffic. Also our services include local and international long distance data service, Colocation, and internet services. Sudatel with the strategic location of Sudan been as the African gate to the world.

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مركز سوداتل للبيانات

يُعتبر مركز سوداتل للبيانات أضخم مركز بيانات في السودان وشمال وشرق أفريقيا. هذا الإنجاز الطموح قامت شركة سوداتل بتشييده على مساحة  كلية تبلغ 14،000 متر مربع، ويَتضَمَّنُ أربع غرف للبيانات، كُلَّ غرفة تستوعب ما يقارب  الـ 1،000 مُخدم.