Service Description:

This service lets national telecommunications operators rent space for their IT and telecommunications equipments in all major cities in Sudan. Wireless operators can also rent towers to mount their antennas on them, as well as renting space for the other associated equipments such as the BTSs.


  • Protection against power outages, since we have Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), battery backup, and redundant diesel generators that are available in every site in case of long term A.C. power outage.
  • Optimal hosting environment temperature guaranteed by redundant air conditioning systems and all the equipment rooms are properly ventilated.
  • All the sites are secure, equipped with video surveillance and fire protected.
  • 24/7 electronic access systems and fingerprint ID.


  • Avoid incurring the high cost of constructing buildings and towers.
  • Hosting and Co-location facilitates the rapid expansion of network coverage for telecommunications operators.
  • Sharing the towers does not only enable the fast growth of the wireless network but also it contributes positively to the environment by maintaining the good look of the cities and villages by keeping the number of towers to a minimum.
  • Enabling the telecommunications operators to focus on their core business by providing them with cost-effective spaces.

Operation and Maintenance:

Access for operation and maintenance purposes is allowed 24/7.

Inquiries and Service Ordering:

For more information on the service and installation please call your account manager or Contact us