Our Social Responsibility

Sudatel’s concept of social responsibility is based upon a true Islamic vision: an integrated system for social rights defined by Islam for all people in wealth and money. In Islam, solidarity, which is a main pillar within this framework, extends beyond materialistic aspects to include the spiritual ones wherein Sudatel has learnt from the good mankind experiences and the fruits of the international criteria defined by specialized humanitarian institutions in line with its values and ethical criteria. Sudatel affirms its resolute adherence to the ethical principles and reliable work practices in all its dealings and transactions. Sudatel has considerably contributed in realizing sustainable development, improved the living standards of its workers and their families as well as local communities and the society as a whole, and preserved the environment and has taken full commitment of communal service as a strategic option.

Within its social responsibility, Sudatel has exerted great efforts towards the shareholders: society, government, stockholders, subscribers, workers, importers and civil society organizations. Sudatel has adhered to the principle of transparency and governance as an integral part of responsibility. These efforts have resulted in the following achievements:

STG considers social responsibility at the core of its duty. STG has been involved in communal support since 1999 when its first program of this type was launched. At first it allocated 2 million dollars each year for this purpose, and then it was raised to 4 million dollars per year. The unique Community Support Program of STG is a 7-year-old activity with a 2 million USD annual sum available to meet pressing community needs. The program focuses on social issues such as hygiene, medical, learning, water supply, peace, information technology and orphan support. The program yielded fruitful projects all over the country especially in remote and peripheral areas.