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Sudatel Group, through its operator (Chingitel), launches 4G service in Mauritania

Confirming its leadership in the African telecommunications market, the Sudatel Telecom Group, through its operator (Chingitel), launched the fourth generation service in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, and (6) other capitals of Mauritanian states. This step [...]

The 28th Ordinary General Meeting of the General Assembly of (Sudatel) Group

With this, the board of directors of Sudatel Telecommunications Group Limited (Sudatel) invites the shareholders to attend the twenty-eighth ordinary general meeting of the company’s general assembly, which has been decided to be held, God [...]

In a remarkably move, Sudatel Group obtains a 4G license in Senegal

Sudatel Telecom Group succeeded, yesterday the 26th Feb, to obtain a 4G license for its Expresso operation in Senegal by a delegation headed by Group President & Chief Executive, Eng. Magdi Taha, in Dakar, the [...]

Sudatel receptions for the delegation of the public Initiative to Support and Rehabilitation of Khartoum educational Hospital

Today, the delegation of the public Initiative for the Rehabilitation of Khartoum Educational Hospital met with the Department of Institutional Communication and Social Responsibility in Sudatel. The delegation included Prof Sadiq Corina, Head of the [...]

Sudatel Board of Directors appoints a New Group CEO

According to the Board of Directors of Sudatel Telecom Group’s decision No. (2) - dated the 27th of November 2020, it was decided to appoint Eng. Magdi Mohammed Abdallah Taha as a CEO & General [...]

Sudatel hosts an innovative energy solutions workshop for the telecom industry in Sudan

Sudatel Group hosted this morning, Tuesday, the workshop for finding innovative energy solutions for the telecommunications industry in Sudan, which is considered the first of its kind in terms of content and participants, as it [...]