Procurement & Contracts Director

  • 2018004
  • Location: Sudatel Tower
  • Closing Date: 8/8/2018

Core Purpose of the Job:

Procurement & Contracts Director setting the guideline and a strategic roadmap for the whole purchasing, contracting and warehouse management. Managing the personnel to ensure the excellence performance.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Gathering all required information, and analyze the business needs in the establishment of the Procurement Plan, and Set the roadmap of the departmental substantial performance.
  2. Cascade the organizational objectives, pursue to support all operational activities in supplying materials/equipment or rendering services. Working to maximize the value of money for the acquisition of capital projects.
  3. Lead the whole purchasing, contracting, logistics services and warehouse operation teams. Determines, in conjunction with End-user Departments and Finance Department type and or form of contract or tender as necessary. Drafts terms, conditions of PO/tender, and coordinates with requestors on technical terms and specifications to be included in the contract/tender.
  4. Prepare tender checklist and identify bidder list to administrate sourcing process. Supervise tender floating and tender processing to ensure successful internal and external communication amongst vendor dispatches to the selected bidders by most expeditious means depending on the urgency and approved time schedule.
  5. Lead & supervise –as per the approved contracting strategy- the execution of Bid Opening/Technical Evaluation/Commercial Evaluation Paper and submit for approval process.
  6. Arrange to study and analyze that purchase orders and contracts have minimum claim risk, and arrange to manage all claims.
  7. Strive to work with End-user to manage all contracts deliverables during the contract progress.
  8. Work to manage supplies categories costs elements to ensure cost effectiveness.
  9. Work on high degree of precision to manage the warehouse transactions, and to secure proper materials management, and to keep smooth sales orders processing.
  10. Ensure that Procurement, Contracts, Logistic and Warehouse will realize the organization strategic objectives, and work proactively to eliminate all anticipated risks inherent to supply chain.
  11. Verify and certify that all activities would be
  12. Ensure that all activities are fully complied with internal corporate system. As you Pursue on quality and corporate governance, and to ensure the full compliance.
  13. Performs other similar or related ad hoc duties assigned by management such as preparing reports and, as requested, acting in the place of the supervisor during his absence.

Minimum Qualification, Experience, Knowledge and Skills Required:

  • A degree in Business Adminstration, Ecomomic or Engineering. MBA degree
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills along with interpersonal effectiveness including negotiation, tact and diplomacy.
  • Understanding of the corporate governance tools in a general sense.
  • Delivering exceptional service by increasing performance through resolution besides delegation and conflict management, often spinning multiple plates at once.
  • Strive to proactively response to customer concerns, query or claim in a timely and effective manner.
  • Equipped with integrity, dependability, self-control, accuracy and reporting skills.
  • Being open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace.
  • Capable to Work under high pressure & stress and show persistence in the face of obstacles.
  • Excellent analytical thinking with attention to details in order to solve problems that may come up on a regular basis making Decision and priorities work to meet demands of business.
  • Confident in using Computation skills to make sure where company’s money is going.
  • Sustain efficient relationship and be pleasant with dealers and suppliers creating healthy environment to provide customers satisfaction.
  • Solid knowledge of Human Resource practices (Performance management, Leadership, Regulatory, Managing accountability and Staff motivation).
  • Commitment to the Organization and high performance standards.
  • Professional use of relevant IT packages such as ERP, MS Project and Microsoft Office tool





Arabic/ Fluent English


Contract Type:Full Time, Permanent
Job TitleProcurement & Contracts Director
Location:Sudatel Tower
Closing date:8/8/2018