Corporate governance is a system which has an impact on the way a company is controlled. An important theme of corporate governance is the nature and extent of accountability. At STG, we are committed to operating in accordance with the best practice in business integrity, performance, transparency and maintaining the highest standards of financial reporting and corporate governance.

In conducting their duties, Board of Directors establishes the following committees:

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee endorses the budget, plans, and programs and makes preparations for the General Assembly meeting. The Executive Committee considers that Sudatel has, throughout the years, adhered to its corporate governance and applied its main principles.

The committee Consists of:

  • Eng. Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim
  • Mr. Hassan Osman Sakota
  • Mr. Muhammad Al-Fateh Zine Al-Abidine
  • Mr. Jili Taj al-Din Abu Shama
  • Mr. Taha Al-Tayeb Ahmed

Audit Committee

A group of personalities responsible for overseeing all internal and external audit functions of a company. In STG it’s consisted of Three individuals. Audit committees are responsible for selecting and appraising to provide audit functions. They also oversee the financial reporting process. To fulfill this obligation, STG publishes its financial annual reports which can be found on our website.

The committee Consists of:

  • Dr. Taha Al-Tayeb Ahmed
  • Mr.Jili Taj al-Din Abu Shama

Risks and wages Committee

  • Dr. Hassan Osman Sakota
  • Mr. Khaled Ahmed Salem Balkhayur
  • Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Ali Al-Fraih