You can buy Sudatel shares through direct subscription (the first market) from Sudatel itself if the shares offered for sale or from the secondary market through Khartoum Stock Exchange or Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange.
All the shares are under Sudatel Telecom Group name (Sudatel) which is the company’s code in both markets Khartoum and Abu Dhabi.
Department of Investor Relations – SUDATEL Tower Khartoum (Sudan) and capital markets mentioned above.
Capital markets and the unity of shareholder registers and you can contact it via the phone: +249183797725.
Notices are dealt with through computer (direct contact with the markets via computer) , change of address or update of information are either directly or received over the phone, fax, e-mail.
You can either contact Shareholders Affairs Unit or Khartoum Stock Exchange or Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange.
Yes the shareholder can designate an agent. The agent should provide legal authorization.
The share was divided twice from 100 dollars to 10 dollars and from 10 dollars to one dollar and that was in 26/6/2006 in order to raise the value of trading and to facilitate its operations.
You need to provide a letter from the legal consultant of the bet authority and shares certificate. Then Sudatel will issue approval letter to the bank or any other mortgage authority and must notify the market in case of mortgage.
The Auditor and the international accountants.
This will be decided by Sudatel Telecom Group Secretary.
Yes, this information is also available on Sudatel Telecom Group website.
The date of the meeting decided by Sudatel Telecom Group Secretary. The general assembly meeting will be preceded by various meetings and reports. Sudatel Telecom Group usually hold the general assembly in the last third of May of each year.
The date of meeting will be announced via our website.
Profits are obtained either by attending personally or delegate someone to represent you or by sending a letter or an e-mail or fax, the procedure is performed according to the message.
You can check that via Khartoum Stock Exchange or Abu Dhabi Stock exchange.
You can do that in person, via phone , fax or via the company email :
P.O.Box 11155
Khartoum, Sudan