Since its establishment in 1993, Sudatel has embarked on more than a quarter of a century of noble tender. It has established a telecommunications infrastructure that is the first to accommodate all current and potential developments. Sudatel has also achieved a remarkable technological renaissance in the telecommunications sector in which it has taken the leadership position in the country. Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and the mainland. Elsewhere, Sudatel went to West Africa to operate telecommunications in Mauritania, Guinea, Conakry and Senegal, but as a partner in the international and continental submarine cable projects that made Sudan a hub Regional Telecom, has been supported by the footsteps of Africa to catch up with the knowledge society and bridging the digital divide

The Sudatel Group has remained a national company and as a major telecommunications operator in the country seeking to localize all new technologies that support the country’s orientation towards e-government and the knowledge society,

Sudatel, with its infrastructure, is qualified to lead the regional transport projects of the movement. Based on its national responsibility, and in support of the e-government project, it has directed towards establishing a center that supports the global trend towards data transmission.

Facts and figures about Sudatel Data Center:

Sudatel has launched its data center services. It is the largest and best data center for enterprises in Sudan and one of the most important data centers in Africa.

Its data center offers distinctive services to the Sudanese people in the form of a variety of bouquets and a host of basic and additional services in a safe environment with the highest standards of quality and quality.

The Center is designed to support the country’s approach to e-government and has a great economic impact

The Sudatel Data Center is a historic and proud event for the country and confirms Sudatel’s ability to keep abreast of developments in the field of communications and information technology and enhances Sudatel’s successes in the regional space.

The center provides its services to all institutions with high quality and reasonable price, with its own valuable infrastructure

The center is designed according to the latest international standard specifications and will have a cost-effective economic saving time and effort

The Center, which exceeded the cost of $ 45 million was designed to the latest international specifications and is ready to receive already participants from public and private institutions and the center is managed on a fair basis to achieve the public benefit of all institutions that wish to benefit from its services
The Sudatel Data Center is the largest data center in Sudan, North and East Africa. This ambitious achievement was built by Sudatel on a total area of ​​14,000 square meters and includes four data rooms, each room accommodating nearly 1,000 servers.
The data center is an embodiment of Sudatel’s vision:

“To be the most admired ICT provider in the region”

The Center provides cloud computing and benchmark services with the highest standards of reliability for IT infrastructure in terms of security, protection, network monitoring, power reserves and backup data. The “Virtual Tour of the Data Center” can be followed up to see more technical details of the Sudatel Data Center.
The project is designed to meet the highest standards of data centers in the world, Tier IV, the highest rating, where the specifications require that the data center environment is available 99.995%.
The Sudatel Data Center serves its subscribers both within Sudan and globally in North and East Africa, whether they are institutional, public or telecommunications service providers

We are the proud winners of Global Carrier Awards 2015 , as the best African project for the year.

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