With this, the board of directors of Sudatel Telecommunications Group Limited (Sudatel) invites the shareholders to attend the twenty-eighth ordinary general meeting of the company’s general assembly, which has been decided to be held, God willing, at exactly eight o’clock in the morning of Sunday 29/08/14/2021 A.D.

In the Friendship Hall – Khartoum..

(First): Meeting Agenda:

  • The Board’s recommendation to approve the Board of Directors’ report and the auditors’ report for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2020.
  • The Board’s recommendation regarding the appointment of the company’s legal auditor for the fiscal year 2021 AD and authorizing the Board to determine its fees.
  • The Board’s recommendation to distribute in-kind dividends for the fiscal year 2020.
  • The Board’s recommendation to reward the members of the Board of Directors for the year 2020.

(Second): Meeting Arrangements:

  • Individual shareholders who wish to deputize their agents to attend the meeting must make the special powers of attorney and deposit them at the head of the company in Sudatel Tower three days before the date of the meeting. It is deposited with the company’s chairmanship at Sudatel Tower three days before the date of the meeting.
  • Shareholders who did not receive the meeting documents should review the company’s presidency – Sudatel Tower, southeast of the buildings of the Khartoum State Traffic Police Headquarters, starting from Sunday, 22/08/ 2021 AD.
  • The shareholders who are entitled to attend the general meeting or participate via video call are the shareholders registered in the company’s registry until the date of stopping trading by the Khartoum Stock Exchange.
  • Please come one hour before the meeting time to complete the entry arrangements.

Meeting documents: