Today, the delegation of the public Initiative for the Rehabilitation of Khartoum Educational Hospital met with the Department of Institutional Communication and Social Responsibility in Sudatel. The delegation included Prof Sadiq Corina, Head of the Department of Pediatric Surgery and General Surgery, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, head of the urology department, Dr. Amira Abdel-Hamid, medical director in the operations department at Khartoum Hospital, and the media professor Abdullah Muhammad Al-Hassan, the owner of the idea and the presenter of the Al-Thawab Bank program, a member of the committee. The hospital’s subspecialties building, which stands as a testament to Sudatel’s support, and for his part, Dr. Al-Sadiq Corina praised the authentic Sudanese spirit and the warm welcome of a Sudanese company, adding that as an initiative committee they found that Sudatel had full awareness of the project from its inception until now, adding that they stood on the great effort What Sudatel did in support of the health sector in general and its support for Khartoum Teaching Hospital in particular, through the adequate explanation provided by Sudatel management in this regard, and the meeting concluded the importance of opening communication channels, arranging field visits and evaluating the status of projects that Sudatel implemented and delivered. In advance of the health sector, what has been new to it, what is its current situation, and what needs renewal and rehabilitation.