Sudatel Group hosted this morning, Tuesday, the workshop for finding innovative energy solutions for the telecommunications industry in Sudan, which is considered the first of its kind in terms of content and participants, as it included all the sector partners, starting with Zain, MTN, Canar and Sudan, the Telecommunications and Post Regulatory Agency in Sudan, in addition to a group of Major international companies working in the fields of energy and alternative energy from Germany and Italy in addition to an estimated number of engineers working in the field of energy and researchers interested in alternative energy in Sudan, in the presence of Mr. Sami Yusuf, CEO and General Manager of Sudatel, where the papers that presented the problems facing the sector in In this regard and possible solutions, Eng. Jafar Saleh, Director of the Main Sector for Operating the Network in Sudatel, praised in his welcome speech the large attendance, stressing that the content of the workshop is the cornerstone of the telecommunications sector in this period, and thanked the international companies participating on the Internet, and in particular the director of Ascot International, Mr. Michael and his accompanying delegation Who attended to participate in the workshop. M. Gamal Amin, representative of the Director General of the Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority, expressed his pleasure with this kind initiative from Sudatel Group and its management, thanking its director Mr. Sami Yusef for his innovative initiative in organizing the workshop and hosting all partners in the telecom industry to sit down and discuss this common concern, which will inevitably advance the sector as a whole In the coming days, we express our great hope that the recommendations will be implemented to cross the telecommunications sector to safety amid these great challenges. Many scientific proposals and practical solutions were presented through the papers of the participants from companies and specialists at home and abroad. At the conclusion of the workshop, Engineer Muhammad Hassan from the Ministry of Electricity and Minerals presented the success story of the alternative energy project for the electricity of the city of El Fasher through solar energy cells, which annually provides a sum of one and a half million dollars that was spent in exchange for fuel to generate electricity. Innovative energy for communication towers by providing them with solar energy, which saves a lot of cost, as fuel comes in second place as a reserve. It is worth noting that the workshop was run by Dr. Salah Al-Hijaz, a specialist in the field of communications professionally, which was well received by the attendees. In conclusion, Sudatel thanked all the participants, hoping that these activities would continue to improve and sustain the telecommunications service in Sudan.