The board of Directors of SUDATEL Telecom Group Ltd.  invites shareholders to attend the twenty – seventh Meeting of the General Assembly of the company, which was decided to be held on Thursday October 22nd at   9 AM  corresponding to 5 Rabiul Alawwal 1442 Ah In the grand meeting hall on the 10th floor, SUDATEL Tower, Khartoum..

Agenda for the meeting:

  1. Recommendation of the Board that the audited final accounts be certified for the Financial year ending 31/12/2019.
  2. The Board’s recommendation that in-kind profits be distributed for the 2019 financial year.
  3. The Board’s recommendation that members of the Board of Directors be entitled to remuneration for the financial year ended 31/12/2019.
  4. The board’s recommendation to appoint the legal auditor for the company for the financial year 2020 and determine his fees.
  5. Board’s recommendation to transfer the remaining net profits to the consolidated profit account.

Meeting Arrangements:

  • Individual shareholders who wish to assign their agents to attend the meeting shall make the power of attorney for that and deposit them under the chairmanship of the company in SUDATEL tower three days before the meeting date, Institutions and companies registered under the Companies Law of 2015 must appoint someone to represent them at the meeting according to a decision issued by their board of directors, and the decision shall be deposited under the chairmanship of the company in SUDATEL Tower three days before the date of the meeting.
  • Shareholders who are entitled to attend the general meeting or participate via video call are the shareholders registered with the company until the date of suspension of trading via the Khartoum Stock Exchange.
  • The shareholders who did not receive the meeting documents should review the company’s presidency – SUDATEL Tower, southeast of the Traffic Police headquarters, Khartoum, starting on Thursday 10/15/2020 To receive documents and please report the receipt of documents and confirmation of the right to attend the meeting under the records of the shareholders at the headquarters of the company on the first floor.
  • Please come one hour before the meeting to complete the entry arrangements.
  • All meeting documents on the company page, starting from Thursday, 10/15/2020.