In the presence of a large Arab audience of Arab governmental, private and community institutions and companies, the Sudatel Group was crowned with the Arab Society Corporate Responsibility Award. The first category was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bahrain. The award was organized by the Regional Network for Community Responsibility and the World Center for Sustainable Development. Arab Society for the adoption of responsible practices within its facilities and in the surrounding society, as well as honoring a number of Arab institutions, companies and organizations of the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Arab countries. The Sudatel CEO, Engineer Tarig Ah SUDATEL Hamza Zine El Abidine.
Addressing the awards ceremony, Prof. Yousuf Abdul Ghaffar, Chairman of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, stressed the regional network’s keenness to monitor the achievements and bids of the institutions, whether government, private or community, and to promote their practices and achievements in the areas of social responsibility, sustainable development and business ethics. He was pleased with the wide participation of Arab institutions and the ambassadors of community responsibility

in Arab countries.
Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem Al-Rawas, the International Ambassador for Community Responsibility and the Head of the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Arab Countries of the Sultanate of Oman, stressed that the Corporate Social Responsibility Award in the Arab countries aims to motivate Arab companies to adopt responsible practices within their facilities and surrounding society. It was launched on 25 September 2018 on the occasion of the International Day of Community Responsibility. The award was divided into several categories, as well as the evaluation of candidates for the award from Arab institutions and companies according to Vocational  criteria by the Board of Trustees of the award, which includes considerable economic figures and Arab Academy.
In a press statement, Tarig Hamza Zine El Abidine, President of the Sudatel Group, congratulated the Sudanese people and said that Sudatel is a kind of benevolent land whose name derives from his great name and expressed his thanks to all the youth partners and volunteers in the civil society organizations and the media which supported Sudatel via Its extensive history is achieving achievement after completion, and it affirms its commitment to achieve good citizenship and to work for the welfare of the communities in which it operates through its community responsibility. It also thanked the regional network of community responsibility and the World Center for Sustainable Development for their organization. Prize winner.