Sudatel is the first Sudanese company to take part in the Mobile World Congress  in Barcelona, ​​Spain for the third time in a row. The event started yesterday with a representative of the Sudanese Customs Department to find out the latest high-tech devices that reveal fraud and help fight As well as the networking of the border areas of the customs checkpoints; also accompanied by representatives of the health field to identify telemedicine devices, the latest specialized medical technology, distance education and others.

Tariq Hamza Zain Al Abidin, Chief Executive Officer of Sudatel Group, said that the event attracted more than 100,000 visitors representing all sectors of telecommunications and information technology at the level of ministers, heads of boards, executive heads and senior leaders of institutions related to this vital and important sector. Has completed its preparations early to participate in the event in order to deepen the bonds of partnership between the international telecommunications companies in order to develop its services to its subscribers, as well as to introduce the successful Sudatel experience in the depth of Africa through a demonstration of its activity in the continent “The participation of the Group this year has brought a lot of agreements and understandings that would benefit the Sudatel and Sudani subscribers, as well as the Sudatel exhibition, which reflects the history of communications in Sudan and the values ​​and legacies that the group has as a player,” said Eng. Tareq Hamza Zain Al Abedeen, CEO of Sudatel. National pioneer within Sudan and the African continent.

An exhibition pavilion that reflects Sudan’s bright, honorable face and investment opportunities and reflects its various services and activities

In a related development, Hamza said that Sudatel has implemented an initiative, the first of its kind in Sudan, which is the Spark initiative, which allows young entrepreneurs to participate in the Barcelona International Communications Exhibition through their projects and to meet the major companies in the field of communications through a competition set up by Sudatel targeting young people Which is more than a year old and less than five years old. The idea was widely accepted by young participants and expressed their thanks and gratitude to Sudatel for giving them this unique opportunity. Hamza added that Sudatel is a true sponsor of youth initiatives, entrepreneurship and Young Businessmen (startups) It is the first sponsor to allow these categories to participate in this global event and exchange experiences with major international companies,

In conclusion, Hamza praised the positive spirit that prevails in the conference. It should be noted that the International Association of Mobile Networks organizing the conference reported that the number of participants from the companies and participants in the mobile communications sector is greater than last year and participated in many leading companies. With advanced fifth-generation networks and highlighted other areas, including Internet, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Samsung has re-established its technological position and other outstanding events.

The Mobile World Congress , known as MWC, is the world’s largest conference for a new announcement on communications and technology companies such as tablets and tablets. The conference was initially launched under the name of the Global Mobile Telecommunications System and then changed to 3GSM (3GSM), but the abbreviation (MWC) was adopted as a shortcut to the Mobile World Congress. The conference is held annually in February of every year. Since its inception, it has been held in Spain and specifically in the city of Barcelona and is attended by more than 200 countries around the world .. and in 201 1 The city of Barcelona has been adopted as the host of this world event, and then a new city and state will be chosen to host this conference. This year the conference will be held from the 25th of February until the 28th of February 2019.

The conference is the largest event

In the field of telecommunications and information technology, where all communications operators around the world are affected by more than 200 countries, which are held annually at the same time.