At its recent meeting under the chairmanship of the Sudatel Group In Khartoum, Sudan, the Board of Directors of Sudatel Communications Group, Fadl Abdullah Fadl, Minister of Presidential Affairs, as Chairman of the Board of Directors with the broad participation of the members of the Council. The meeting included a report on the performance of the Foreign Group on Saturday afternoon, as well as the election of a new Chairman of the Council. And the Council’s guidance

In a press statement after the meeting, Eng. Tariq Hamza Zain Al Abidin, Group Chief Executive Officer, confirmed that Sudatel is proceeding according to the guidelines of the Board meetings in 2018 and shareholders’ deliberations during the last general assembly. The company is expected in 2019 based on its approved strategy approved by the Board of Directors and shareholders. The best services for the group’s clients, adding that the Board and the executive management will work in full coordination to achieve the strategic objectives of the group and strengthen the support of the national economy ..