On the sidelines of the 31st African Summit in Nouakchott, Mauritania, which was attended by leaders and leaders of African countries, the President of the Republic, Mr. Omar Hassan Ahmed El-Bashir, paid a visit to the buildings of the communications company “Chinguitel” accompanied by the Minister of the Presidency and a number of ministers, officials and ambassadors. Zine El Abidine, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Sudatel Communications Group, Mr. Saif Eldin Osman, General Manager of Chinguitel Company and members of its executive management and employees, listened to fully explanation of the Sudatel experience abroad during the ten years. He praised the tremendous technical breakthrough achieved by the Sudatel Group in West African countries, expressing their appreciation for the effort and work, describing the effort as a blessed work that deserves praise and pride from all the people of Sudan, stressing that the State Will support these successes, which represent real embassies that promote positive communication between peoples and countries.


For his part, Chief Executive Officer of Sudatel Group, Eng. Tareg Hamza Zain Al Abidin expressed his happiness with this important visit, which represents a strong motivation for all the group’s employees for more giving and giving, which confirms the depth of attention from the top leadership of the country to what Sudatel is doing and achieving leadership. Listened to a detailed report on the developments that have accompanied the company since its establishment and the nature of the services provided to subscribers, and the plans of development and accompanying strategies aimed at making Sudatel a distinguished African figure .. He stressed that the President directed to move forward in the development of the work of communications and information technology , And taking into account playing positive roles in deepening the bonds between the peoples of the two countries. He also pointed out that there are European and Russian investments in the field of information technology, after the decision to lift the embargo will contribute to the development of information technology and the implementation of the e-government project.


Chinguitel’s services include fixed and mobile phones, data and information transfer and the Internet, the first overseas investment for Sudatel. 3G technology was introduced for the first time in Mauritania.