(Sudani) in partnership with Sanad Charitable Organization and the Forum to launch the campaign of small hearts, which aims to conduct (100) free surgery, which begins today in the hospital and a civil and continue until the twenty-seventh of this month with the participation of Medical team from Britain, India, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Philippines in collaboration with Sudanese doctors.

Meanwhile, Sudanese Telecom Company, the sponsor of the campaign, announced its full support for the project to strengthen its partnerships with Sanad and the rest of the civil society organizations and to continue its pioneering role in the field of community responsibility. Hashim Al-Badri said that Sudatel and Sudani Telecom Group have spent about $ 40 million in social responsibility since they started this trend in the institutions more than 20 years ago.

“There is a trend towards settling these operations in Sudan,” said Samia Mohammed, Director General of Sanad Charity Organization, “The operation will be very costly and targeted at needy families,” she said, noting 850 operations since the launch of the project in 2011. All of them were successful, explaining that the campaign is a partnership with the organization of the Forum and the Sudanese Telecommunications Company. (450) secret Ra in remote areas.

For his part, said the Executive Director of the Organization of the Forum Muawiya Hussein, that the project aims to maintain the lives of children, and explained that the cost of the operation (100 thousand pounds) and can not be provided by the families, and confirmed that the organization intends to conduct an early detection of schools to reach and injured children Free, and said that the medical team consists of 32 medical cadres, and that the door is open to those who want to join the project.

It is noteworthy that Sudan sponsors this campaign for the second time to its importance among the segments of Sudanese society ..