Under the patronage of the National Telecommunications Operator and the Media Sponsor (Sudani), the General Federation of Arab Journalists and the General Union of Sudanese Journalists launched the regional training course (Sudacad) with the participation of trainees from nine Arab countries from Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Bahrain, Oman and Somalia And a large number of Sudanese journalists.

Addressing the opening session, Mr. Salem Al-Jahouri, Vice-Chairman of the Arab Union’s Arab Journalists Training Committee, praised the importance of organizing such training courses which enable the Arab journalist to keep up with the requirements of the modern era in terms of the new media, thus gaining self-confidence and armament. In his speech at the opening ceremony, Mr. Sadiq Al Rizaqi, Vice President of the General Federation, welcomed the Arab journalists and the President of the General Federation of Sudanese Journalists; welcomed the establishment of this session in Khartoum, Sisters participants from the brotherly Arab countries and the Sudanese trainees; and praised under the auspices of the national telecom operator (Sudani

) great and effective role in the immediate response in the care of this session and called for everyone to make the most of them. Mr. Morteza Shata, Secretary of Training at the Union of Arab Journalists, stressed the importance of training journalists, providing them with care and developing their skills.

The media expert Dr. Amin Ali addressed the main lecture of the session; he addressed the concepts of the comprehensive journalist and the strengths that should be provided in the comprehensive journalist and the skills of using video and pictures and how to take advantage of the smart effects on the press article; also reviewed all these concepts and dropped them on the reality of electronic journalism and paper in time The present and future vision aimed at development and professional advancement amid a fruitful discussion and cross-fertilization experiences of all Arab and Sudanese trainees.

Dr. Adel Mahjoub Ahmed Al-Aqeb, Director of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the National Council for Journalism and Publications, presented a lecture on the laws of the press and the organization of freedom of expression (Sudan as a model), explaining the Sudanese press laws throughout history and its role in regulating and regulating professional rules of conduct In terms of freedom of expression, opinion, immunities and rights enjoyed by the Sudanese journalist. He also touched upon a number of press laws in a number of Arab countries.

On the other hand, Mr. Mohamed Amin Mustafa, Director of Media Department, said that his company is keen to sponsor all media activities aimed at promoting the work of journalists and developing media cadres on all platforms. He added that this session, which is hosted by the Sudatel Academy, which is a pride for Sudan and all the Arab countries as one of the most important training centers on the regional and Arab levels according to the classification of the International Telecommunication Union; Mustafa that this session achieved all the goals and high goals organized for it.