Aner Derby’s campaign was concluded last Thursday at the Omar Bin Abdul Aziz School in Al-engz neighborhood  in the Jabal Al Awliya district . The school witnessed the maintenance of the educational environment through the zelal Al Rahma Charitable Organization. And to help the school teachers to deliver their high message and support the school with a school bus; this comes under the patronage and funding of a Sudanese company and the implementation of the youth of the charity Al-Rahma charity organization.

“The campaign of” Aner Derby “is one of the campaigns that Sudan has been sponsoring since its inception. It is one of the activities of the Shuhada Al Rahma organization, which means collecting the school book used and working on its maintenance and distribution to schools. Which is not included in the textbook, where exceeded the number collected this year 13 thousand books have been distributed to several schools to fill the shortage in the textbook in the state of Khartoum and some states; the campaign also included maintenance work and the operation of refrigerators

Water tanks and water tankers for schools