In honor of Moataz Musa Minister of Electricity and Water Resources, Eng. Ibrahim Haddad, Regional Director of the Arab Regional Office of the International Telecommunication Union, Dr. Yahya Abdullah, Director General of the National Telecommunication Authority, Sami Yosuif, Executive Vice President of Sudatel Group, Dr. Ahmed Hassan Awad Al Sayed, Director of Sudatel Academy Executive Director of Sudatel and a group of scientists, experts and specialists in the fields of water and communication technology from inside and outside the Sudan; yesterday, Sudacad Academy, in collaboration with the International Telecommunication Union Workshop on the prospects of smart water management in the Arab region at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum.
The opening session was addressed by the Minister of Electricity and Water Resources, Moataz Musa, who spoke about the reality of water scarcity in the Arab region and limited it to limited resources such as Nile water, groundwater and seawater desalination. He pointed to the poverty of the Arab region in general and the scarcity of rainfall. On the agricultural production; he pointed out that there is no policy, economy, Islam and quiet and developed, and knowledge and knowledge without the availability of water; without which the Arab region will be fragile and not integrated into the civil life and vulnerable to the erosion of social fabric; ‘s share to achieving sustainable development adopted by the United Nations, which calls for the need to preserve water resources as an essential ingredient for the rest of the goals; Minister Ali stressed that Sudan’s government aims to put the issue of water among the priorities of its strategy to achieve (Zero thirst) by 2020.
The minister praised the huge development of the telecommunications sector in Sudan, which enabled the state to control the entire Nile River in all monitoring and control stations throughout Sudan. The information became available on the Nile Valley and its main branches around the clock. Which allowed for accurate information on the soil and timing of irrigation for farmers, which enabled the increase of agricultural production by more than 42%; thanks to the technology provided by telecommunications companies; He also applied this success to the development of control in the generation of electricity Which reflected on the quality of performance.
In his speech, Eng. Ibrahim Al Haddad, Regional Director of the Arab Regional Office of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), praised the Sudanese leadership and welcomed Sudatel and its distinguished technical and academic arm (Sudakad) for its important role in the use of telecommunications and information technology in one of the scarce resources: water. (6 to 8) million people die from water shortages; therefore, IT users can add a clear imprint on how water is distributed and measured; they are also reaching out to communicate With Sudatel and telecom technology experts for the service of the Arab man.
Dr. Yahia Abdullah, Director General of the National Telecommunications Authority, addressed the session. He pointed to the TRA’s reliance on telecommunications companies to enable technology to deal with such issues as smart management, water, health, education, transportation and others. He stressed the need to take recommendations of such workshops and submit them to the competent authorities for their success. He pointed out the technical problems related to the quality of coverage of telecommunications networks and the need to address them. He predicted that by the end of 2018, we expect the coverage of telecommunications networks to improve. He pointed out that Sudatel has an ambitious plan in this matter. Ministry of briefing Communications and Information Technology with all the recommendations of the workshop to work on the follow-up and lowered to the ground.

The workshop was moderated by Dr. Ahmed Hassan Awad Al Sayed, Director of Sudatel Communications Academy, who praised the Smart Partnership between Sudatel and the International Telecommunication Union represented by the Arab Regional Office under the leadership of Eng. Ibrahim Al Haddad. The Sudakad Academy was distinguished academically and technically, Based on the creation of competencies that serve all institutions, university graduates and students, which is reflected in the promotion of society; this is part of the societal responsibility of Sudatel, which aims to achieve the goals of sustainable development. He pointed out the role of information technology in intelligent cities under the modern administration. He explained that the workshop aims at the wise management of water in agriculture and grazing and the role of large management in the development of cities, pointing out the strategic and vital role of water technology to serve

Strategic projects serving the Arab citizen. In his concluding remarks, Dr. Ahmed pointed out the continuation of the forum sessions during the day and tomorrow, in God willing.