In his opening speech, Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Investment Dr. Mubarak Al-Mahdi stressed the keenness of the State to extend a hand of cooperation with all international institutions and companies in order to increase the investment share in the country, stressing that the American investment delegation is a welcome start to restore trade relations between the two countries.

For her part, Ms. Flori Lisa, CEO of the American Corporate Council on Africa, stressed that the investment climate in Sudan is attractive and encouraging foreign investment, especially after the lifting of sanctions. Speaking at the opening session of the Sudan Economic Forum organized by Sodatel, she said that the issues of the African continent and Sudan in particular are the focus of the Council’s attention to its wealth and great resources. She noted that Sudan’s vast wealth is a catalyst for foreign companies to invest in it. And coordination with the Government of Sudan to exploit these huge wealth, “and stressed the importance of this historic mission of this visit through coordination and cooperation with the Government of Sudan.

Liza stressed that the dialogue between Sudan and America paved the way for cooperation and coordination between the two sides. She pointed out that Sudan’s strategic location and investment environment enable it to play a pivotal role in the region. She thanked the Government of Sudan for receiving the delegation and thanked the Sudatel Group of companies for sponsoring and organizing this economic forum. The huge.

“The Sudanese Economic Forum is a start-up for foreign investors, companies and businessmen to invest in Sudan,” said Eng. Tariq Hamza, chief executive officer of Sudatel, who welcomed the Sudanese Economic Forum organized by Sudatel to the visiting US delegation led by Ms. Flori Lisa . Sudan and the United States, referring to the cooperation between the Sudan and the Council of American Companies on Africa, adding that Sudan is the gateway to Africa and also plays a pivotal role in the region, noting that the visit of the delegation will open the door wide to the renter Investors to engage in investments in various fields in advance thanks to the President of the Republic Field Marshal / Omar al-Bashir for his continued support and all the relevant ministries and agencies that have contributed to the success of the visit and organizing this event.