At an elegant ceremony held in the French capital Paris, winners of the annual Global Carrier Awards- a competition organised by Capacity Media, a renowned company in the field of telecommunications- were announced, and Sudatel Group was awarded the Best African project award for the Data Center project.
The preliminary short list of the contenders, which was published previously, included, alongside Sudatel Group, Liquid Telecom and WIOCC both are companies with prominent presence in Africa and involved in various telecommunications activities. Dr Ahmed Almajzoub and Mr Magdi Mekki Almardi Director of International Relations represented the Group in this event.
And in a statement in Paris, following the handing out of the award, Dr Almajzoub expressed his felicity for this significant achievement which will rest more responsibility on their shoulders, but will encourage them at the same time to put more effort to improve the quality of work at the Data Center and on marketing its services in Sudan and overseas.
It’s worth mentioning that the number of contenders to these awards surpassed 170, whereas the total number of awards is 30. These awards covered various areas in the telecommunications field, and the projects are presented to a committees of 20 members, all experts in the field of telecommunications in different areas of specialization, and their duty is to look at these projects with absolute professionalism in order to ensure transparency and integrity. The awards ceremony has also witnessed a large presence from the major corporations at international level and from the Arab world.
The representative of Liquid Telecom- one of the contenders to the same award as Sudatel- congratulated Mr Magdi Mekki Almardi, Director of International Relations and a member of the Sudatel delegation to the event, on winning this award, and he also showed his desire in getting together the management of the two companies in order to find the best mechanism of cooperation, especially that Liquid Telecom is one of the major companies with prominent presence in many African countries, and owns a vast fibre-optic network that runs across the southern and central parts of the African continent.