Our 2020 Strategy focuses on transforming from a traditional telecom operator to becoming an ICT provider, a vision we can achieve by focusing on all aspects and stakeholders of the organization. To achieve our goal, STG will adopt certain themes.

Accelerating business growth

Recall and set the growth tone and expand the organizational capabilities vertically to diversify the growth opportunities.

Creating organizational agility

Achieve high degree of agility by developing the organizational capabilities and ensuring healthy financial position of the company to rapidly change or adapt in response to changes in the market by successfully reacting to the emergence of new forces in the industry, country, market or technology trends.

Building richer connectivity

Offer richer connectivity across all STG group footprint and prioritize the investment based on customer experience impact, Expand high capacity for mobile and fixed and offer localized and rich contents.

Leading customer experience

Build the platform that consists of culture, systems, processes & procedures to bring STG closer to its customers as much as possible and create the desired bond through personalized offering and services.

Developing people and culture

Create the platform and methods that will rapidly enhance the work environment for people to thrive and innovate.