Sudasat is a VSAT service provider founded in 2007, a JV between SUDATEL and SOPETCOM, a subsidiary of Haggar Holding Company.

Saudasat provides Networking services via Satellite (VSAT), using the lunar various capacities with the latest technology to transfer the latest telecommunications industry from a global technology to all parts of Sudan.

The company specialized in providing communication services and networking via satellite to connect all parts of Sudan through Lunar network, also the company’s services are used on development projects and to link remote areas.

Sudasat provides the following services company via satellite:

  • Data and voice services
  • Internet information services
  • Data and voice transformation services for different branches of companies, banks and institutions.
  •  Transfer voice services through satellite stations to link all remote areas with Sudatel at both national and worldwide level.
  • Connect telecommunication companies and institutions with remote areas to have access to internet information and phone services through Backhauling.

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Sudacad Academy

Sudatel Academy (Sudacad) is one of the largest training centers in the region specializing in training in various fields, particularly telecommunications and information technology. Sudacad owns infrastructure and integrated plants for all information technologies and telecommunications wired and wireless, the Centre also offers training services for students and graduates of Sudanese universities to be qualified to engage in internal labor markets.

Sudacad is working on the training of Sudatel employees and all the other governmental and private institutions in technical and managerial areas.

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Sudatel Submarine Cable Station

Sudatel early start towards the field of regional transmission and its huge fiber optic network which is considered the biggest in Africa has enabled the company to approach this vital field. Its network linked with Ethiopia and Egypt with the fiber optic, which also contributes with the 2 cables SAS1 and SAS2 that links Port Sudan to Jeddah with 50% partnership with STC. Sudatel also contributes with the submarine cable of East Africa ESSAY with 13% that is extended from Port Sudan to Cape Town linking 13 countries in eastern coast of Africa that is considered one of the most important telecommunication projects in the world and it represents the final link at the submarine cable. In addition to the contribution to the continental cable ACE with 9% which links the western coast countries in Africa that is extending from Cape Town to France.

Sudatel has built the largest internet station in the east coast of Africa and leasing band width of C-M-E -4 cable extending from Singapore to Marseille. Sudatel Submarine Cables Station building has been built on an area of 2,400 square meters in Port-Sudan the coastal town on the Red Sea, the meeting zone for various continental submarine cables a result of the special geographical location that links Africa with Asia and Europe.

The design of the Station followed state of the art architecture & construction technologies that place the building at an international level, and it has the capability to accommodate extra submarine cables in future.

The station is part of Sudatel’s wholesale business strategy to keep abreact with the steady growth in the communications sector as well as to reinforce its regional & worldwide presence; where Sudatel Submarine Cable Station is a strategic carrier and main gateway to the world.

The station provides the best and most modern services at the highest international standards of quality and performance.

The city of Port Sudan has become one of the biggest telecom cities as a global submarine cable Forum as well as Sudan has become a Regional Transmission Centre.


Established in 2013 in Dubai – UAE as a global communications carrier, a JV between Sudatel Group and Haggar Trading UAE specialized in wholesale Internet Bandwidth for Carriers, ISPs and Enterprise customers.

With extensive global network and strong reliability, Dolphin aim to be the driving force for the business community of West Africa functioning as a catalyst in extending global reach, high quality connectivity and unsurpassed levels of reliability and uptime.

With 60 million US$ investment on the ACE Submarine cable, Dolphin offers full right of landing in Dakar, Accra and Lagos covering 80% of West African market population.

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It’s a company engaged in the field of public services, Sudatel contribute to the company by 60%. Sudabill have working team trained to work in the most difficult climatic and geographical conditions. Also has a Department of Customer Services Ready to deal with all of the complaints, in addition to telemarketing programmed for each SUDATEL services.
Sodabill is characterized by continuous monitoring of the performance of the company’s employees own delegate and the achievement of the tasks assigned to them. And have the technical means to carry out its work, its based activities are the following:-

  • Institutions marketing for Sudatel services
  • Sudani Prepaid SIM cards sales
  • Inclusion of Prepaid customer’s data (Data entry)
  • Devices maintenance Centers
  • Customer care
  • Exclusive agent for Chinese products company (ZTE)

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Arab Submarine Cable

Limited Liability Company founded in 2002, between SUDATEL & STC and the Arab Investment Company.
The Company engaged in the creation & rental & management of marine cables for the purposes of communication between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan and other countries Services. Sudatel contributes with 50%.

Also owns 50% of the first marine cable project (SAS1) and the second one (SAS2), they are the two major projects to link the movement and transfer of connection between the countries of the African continent, and provide Internet service with SHDSL.

Continental Cable for East Africa (Essay):
SUDATEL owns 13% of the shares in Continental cable project for East Africa (EASSY).

Marine Cable project (ACE):
SUDATEL also owns 12% of the marine cable project (ACE), which links Africa to Europe from South Africa to France through the western coast of Africa, across 23 countries.