Sudatel Telecom Group (STG) is one of the leading telecom companies in the region, serving the needs of customers in Sudan and Africa. Since its foundation on 7th March 1993, STG has grown steadily from local to regional markets, setting a good example for privatization policy. STG is the bridge for telecommunication movement between the Arab world, Africa and the rest of the world.

Our Vision

is to be the most admired ICT Provider

Our Mission

Innovate extraordinary ICT services to better peoples’ lives everywhere, achieve remarkable value for all stakeholders and inspire talent across the entire organization to proudly lead with excellence.

Our Values

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Sudatel at a glance…

STG offers various telecom services and keeping its competitive edge with other companies. STG main services include provision of mobile services, fixed-line services, as well as carrier and wholesales services.
STG provides services in 2G, 3G, and NGN technology levels. STG services are expanded into many cities and rural areas, achieving the widest coverage and most significant presence.STG’s infrastructure integrates well together in harmony with all the modern elements of modern communications in optical fiber networks, copper and wireless networks so that all these networks are based on a common technology base which is the best and most modern in the field of communications.

STG is running now a telecom business (telecom operators) in five African countries (Sudan – Mauritania – Senegal and Guinea Conakry) covering the areas of Mobile, fixed, Internet and broadband services. Sudatel contribute 13% in the submarine cable to east Africa extending from Port Sudan to cape Town linking 13 countries in the eastern coast of Africa and owns 50% of SAS1 and SAS2 ,which are huge projects for transmission linkage between Port Sudan and Jeddah, in addition to Sudatel Contribution at the continental cable ACE with 9% that links the western coast countries extending from Cape Town to France.

Sudatel is also linked with Ethiopia and Egypt via the fiber optic. STG is the first Sudanese company to be listed on the regional stock markets. On 4th July 1997, it was enlisted on Khartoum Stock Exchange. On 6th November 2000, it was enlisted on Bahraini Stock Market and on Abu Dhabi Stock Market on 31st March 2003. STG deals with investors from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Iran, Oman and Jordan and with more than 14 Local and Regional Banks as well as more than 80 Sudanese and Regional Companies.

Since it is foundation STG paid more than 36 million dollar for the social responsibility activities to cover the needs in education, health, water projects.

See How Far We’ve Gone

Designed according to the latest data center standard specifications in the world (Tier 4).
Our Tier 4 Data Center is designed to host mission critical computer systems with fully redundant
components and fault tolerant system to provide up to 99.9995% availability, in terms of security,
guarding, network control, uninterrupted power supplies and data backup copies).

Data Center was established


And acquired Operator’s license in Senegal, Ghana and also a stake in a Nigerian Operator

The company’s name was Changed to Sudatel Telecom Group Limited


Sudatel’s shares (61%) in Mobitel were sold to MTC


Transition to 3rd Generation Technology through the use of CDMA.
Sudani mobile service was implemented with an initial capacity of 1 million subscribers.


xDSL service was released to the Sudanese public.


Operation of International Telecom Exchange ITC, Intelsat Substation,
Khartoum Center Public Exchange, Kick off of Sanabil Elsharief Project.


Sudatel Telecom Group (STG) is one of the leading telecom companies in the region,
serving the needs of customers in Sudan and Africa. Since its foundation on 7th March 1993.


Startup of wireless communication services in Sudan


Startup of Telecom Services in Sudan (Swaken)


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