With over a millions people spread across over 4 countries, Africa is developing at an unprecedented rate. This expansion is matched by the growth in mobile subscribers.

Many global businesses are now firmly established across the continent and are taking advantage of the many opportunities for expansion.

Sudani is the main operator of Sudatel group which contributes
about 58% of the total revenue of the group. Sudani provides services
fixed telecommunications network with its wired and wireless
infrastructure, making it the only operator which provides these services
in Sudan and the group.

The development and the sustained growth of Sudani has had
a significant impact towards the group to expand into telecommunications
in West Africa.



Chinguitel is the first operation to create a new network
carried out by Expresso; acquiring a license to operate as a telecom
operator in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in 2006.
Chinguitel established a CDMA network, providing full coverage
across the country by August 2007.
It was officially launched at the same time, as the third operator in Mauritania.
Thanks to the excellent services Chinguitel provide its advanced
to become the second operator in the country.



Expresso Senegal is the second company of the Group
aimed to establish new telecommunication network in West Africa,
by obtaining a license to act as operator in Senegal in July 2007.

In January 2009, Expresso Senegal launched its commercial operations,
which led to the provision of high-speed data services
and fixed wireless services and high quality voice service
via a CDMA network across the nation.