Community Service

Communications service is a project for social responsibility because it contributes in developing other sectors and achieves sustainable development. Sudatel has established large communications networks whose fabric network only exceeds 10,000 kilometers in length, connected with neighbouring countries of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Ethiopia and more connections are under way with other countries. Sudatel takes part in major telecom projects in Africa such as the Eastern Africa Submarine cable System (EASSY), and ACE in West Africa, as well as SAS 1 and SAS 2 that connect Sudan with Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea. All these projects are in favour of sustainable development and filling the digital gap to make Africa cope with the knowledge community.

Moreover, Sudatel has been allocating $2 million since 1999 to support vulnerable segments of the population and to build partnerships with institutions through implementation of valuable projects in the fields of health, education, orphan sponsorship and development in general. Sudatel is always very generous in providing direct support to the needy and weak people, widows, and the sick people. It has been providing services across the country throughout the years.

Indicators: 2011 projects:

Sudatel has allocated $ 4 million for the year 2011 whereby a number of distinguished projects have been implemented as follows: