Trade unions and societies

Sudatel has allowed the workers to form their unions that take care of their interests in cooperation with the administration. A remarkable budget is allocated for this purpose from the sum total of profits. The trade union has made outstanding achievements at both national and internal levels. In cooperation with the administration, they arrange treatment of the workers inside Sudan and abroad in the best hospitals and health centers through the health care fund.

The social solidarity fund, which supports the workers in the fields of marriage and births, is also affiliated to the trade union. It provides electrical and electronic equipment in installments for the workers. Sudatel also sponsors the Holy Quran society for memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran and encourages the religious spirit among the workers through various programs. The working woman union society is also supported by Sudatel where summer camps are organized for the dependants of the workers. Also, installment shops are available in different occasions as well as woman and child welfare.