STG Philosophy


Our vision is to provide Sudatel services to every Sudanese house, make our customers enjoy a better life through our modern products and services that are tailored to their needs and capabilities, and to advance its surrounding communities and help in developing them in all walks of life.


STG main mission has been to enrich the economical, cultural and social life in the African continent through the spirit of communication, change the prevailing ignorance into an in-depth knowledge which it provides through communication services, information transmission and internet.


STG values are based on main pillars:

- Teamwork

- Customer Driven

- Integrity

- Creativity

- Enhanced Performance

These values embody who we are and how we work. We live these values, every day.


STG aims to provide information and communication services using the latest technology to achieve the needs of the national infrastructure development, to use the latest communication technology in order to broaden telecommunication coverage to all communities, to improve our operational network capacity, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to turn out highly qualified personnel, to emerge as a carrier for regional traffic between Africa and the rest of the world, to sustain our successful business by making global profits and competition, and to use the latest technology to expand our service base to cover remote areas.