How can I invest in Sudatel Telecom Group ?

You can buy Sudatel Telecom Group shares directly from the Group or through Khartoum Stock Exchange or Abu Dabi Stock Exchange .

What is the code of Sudatel Telecom Group share and where can I buy it?

All the shares are under Sudatel Telecom Group name and can be bought from Khartoum Stock Exchange or Abu Dabi Stock Exchange.

Whom can I contact to get more information about Sudatel Telecom Group shares?

You can address your inquires to Shareholders Affairs Unit in Sudatel Tower in Khartoum

Who keeps records about shareholders and how can I get that information?

Shareholders Records Unit and you can contact it via the phone: +249183797725

How do we receive notes regarding shares ? and how can I update my address and information ?

The new information regarding shares are sent to markets via internet . You can update your address directly or via phone , fax and email

How can I know the number of shares that I have ?

You can either contact Shareholders Affairs Unit or Khartoum Stock Exchange or Abu Dabi Stock Exchange.

Can an agent represent the shareholder and what are the conditions for that?

Yes the shareholder can designate an agent . The agent should provide legal authorization.

Did Sudatel divide the share ? and why was that ?

The share was divided into 10 parts. The aim of that was to raise the value of the share.

How can I mortgage Sudatel share ?

You need to provide a letter form the legal consultant of the bet authority and shares certificate. Then Sudatel will issue approval letter to the bank or any other mortgage authority.

Who is the independent auditor of Sudatel ?

Zain & Co. - Chartered Accountants

When is the second announcement of profits ?

This will be decided by Sudatel Telecom Group Secretary

Can you send electronic versions of annual reports or profit report ?

Yes, this information is also available on Sudatel Telecom Group website

When does Sudatel Telecom Group hold its general assembly meeting ?

The date of the meeting will be decided by Sudatel Telecom Group Secretary. The general assembly meeting will be preceded by various meetings and reports. Sudatel Telecom Group usually hold the general assembly in the last third of May of each year.

The date of meeting will be announced via our website

How can I get my profit ?

You can collect your profits by yourself or your agent. You can also send directions regarding your profits via email or fax

How can I get the record of Sudatel Telecom Group shares prices ?

You can check that via Khartoum Stock Exchange

How can I contact Shareholders Affairs Unit ?

You can do that in person, via phone , fax or via the company email :


P.O.Box 11155

Khartoum, Sudan