Submarine Cables

Sudatel early start towards the field of regional transmission and its huge fiber optic network which is considered the biggest in Africa has enabled the company to approach this vital field.

Its network linked with Ethiopia and Egypt with the fiber optic , which also contributes with the 2 cables SAS1 and SAS2 that links Port Sudan to Jeddah with 50% partnership with STC.

Sudatel also contributes with the submarine cable of East Africa ESSAY with 13% that is extended from Port Sudan to Cape Town linking 13 countries in eastern coast of Africa that is considered one of the most important telecommunication projects in the world and it represents the final link at the submarine cable.

In addition to the contribution to the continental cable ACE with 9% which links the western coast countries in Africa that is extending from Cape Town to France.

Sudatel has built the largest internet station in the east coast of Africa and leasing band width of C-M-E -4 cable extending from Singapore to Marseille.

The city of Port Sudan has become one of the biggest telecom cities as a global submarine cable Forum as well as Sudan has become a Regional Transmission Centre.