Facts & Figures

- Sudatel was awarded Achievement Medal by the President of the Republic.

- Sudatel is the first Sudanese company whose shares are circulated in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Exchange markets.

- Sudatel is the first company in the Middle East to use digital systems

- Sudatel is the first Arab company to win ISO award

- Sudatel has the largest digital network that covers most parts of Sudan.

- Sudatel uses 3G technologies to provide excellent data and voice services.

- Sudatel services cover more than 900 towns and villages.

- Sudatel has more than 10,000 kilometer of fiber optic network.

- Sudatel is a leading telecom company, seeking to meet customer needs, profit increase employee satisfaction.

- Sudatel has attracted many investors from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Oman and Jordon as well as 14 local and regional banks and 80 local and international companies.

- Sudatel has shares in the capitals of the Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM), Thurya satellite Telecommunication Company and Arab cables company.

- Sudatel plays a prominent role in economic development.

- The great development of telecom services in Sudan has attracted investors in other national fields.

- Modern telecom services have spare much time and effort.

- Sudatel services help many companies to establish their own networks, connect them with their branches and facilitate electronic trading.

- Sudatel advanced services have helped in providing modern educational services such as live broadcasting of conferences and electronic libraries.

- Sudatel has contributed in flourishing economy and providing job opportunities.

- Sudatel provides services to benefit both urban and rural communities.

- Sudatel targets both regional and international markets.

- Sudatel has ambitions and plans to seek out new clients in regional and international markets.

- Sudatel has connected a fiber optic network with Egypt and Ethiopia.

- Sudatel has shares in the Eastern Africa Submarine cable System (EASSY) that extends across many African countries to get to its destination in South Africa.

- Sudatel has conducted studies for the river cable that extends from the White Nile to Kenya and Uganda.