Executive management is a group who are charged with the implementation of plans and policies. In STG the Executive management is consisted of a group of Executive Mangers, in various fields as follows:

Eng.Tarig Hamza Zain el abdein

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sami Yousif Mohamed

VP Finance & Operations Support

Eng . Amir Elgizouli

Chief Technical Officer

MR. Tarig Hamza Rahamtalla

VP of International Operations

Eng. Nazar Hassan Sahal

Chief Information Officer

Eng . Musab Tagelsir Mustafa

Chief Planning Officer

Mr. Saif Alam

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Seifeldin O. AbdElraheem

Chief Operations Support Officer

Mr. Mohammed Elmahdi Eltayeb

Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Osama Abdalla Mohammed

Chief Human Resources Officer